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Monday 4 March 2019

the olive garden choir blog tour

The Olive Garden Choir Blog Tour

Join Leah on The Olive Garden Choir Blog Tour for the next two weeks in March.









Sunday 25 November 2018

the olive garden choir

The Olive Garden ChoirLeah's new book, The Olive Garden Choir, an evocative novel of secrets, love and redemption under the Greek sun is out on 10 January 2019. On the beautiful island of Santaniki, close to Crete, it's not all white sands and sunshine.

When retired bookseller Ariadne Blunt suggests the English residents form a choir, there are groans of resistance.

After a little persuasion, the group gather in Ariadne's olive garden to rehearse, but each member of this choir has their own anxieties and secret.

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Leah's Blog

Monday 7 May 2018

the art of marriage

Mother Julian of NorwichAll shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well”: The famous saying of medieval mystic, Mother Julian of Norwich seems apt today.  It has been my personal mantra for many years but I would also like to share with you the words of another wise woman who said

“Never confuse a wedding with a marriage. A wedding is easily arranged, ( I’m not so sure about that!) A marriage takes longer.”

It takes time to learn the art of marriage.

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