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10 things about leah

Where i liveWHERE I LIVE... For over 30 years I’ve lived on the edge of a small village in the Yorkshire Dales which sadly now has no shop, no school and too many holiday homes empty most of the year.


WHEN I WAS A CHILD... All I wanted to do was dance and made my first appearance on stage at three.

IN MY SPARE TIME... I’m one of a group of volunteer drivers for our local branch library’s “Books on wheels”.   We have lost the use of all our mobile library vans.

I AM HOPELESS AT... Reading instructions, following recipes to the letter and all those brain games like Sudoku.

THE MOMENT I BECAME A WRITER...  I can’t remember ever not being able to make stories up but it was only after a I threw a novel down with frustration that I uttered those fateful words “I can could do better than that!”

WHAT INSPIRES ME... The landscape around me is grey limestone, bleak one minute, brilliant the next and the music of Elgar resonate around here. Music, space and solitude are what I need.

I DRIVE... I’ve had the same make of car for over 10 years, a silver 4x4, I call Twanda. She gets me up the pot holed track, through the floods and  snow and has driven us to Crete twice; my trusty steed.

FAVOURITE COLOUR... I inherited the love of all shades of purple from my highland Granny. It soothes my mood, amethyst, lilac blossom, never tire of it.The Artist's Way

THE BOOK THAT CHANGED ME... So many to choose from but the one that changed my writing life was Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way. It brought me out of the publishing wilderness, challenged my ideas and feelings and brought back confidence. Highly Recommended.

MY HOME... This old farmhouse came to me in a hairdresser’s shop in the Midlands in the back pages of a newspaper I never read. We came, we saw, we bought. It has rubble filled thick walls, a south aspect and has sheltered us in good times and bad. I love it.

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