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Leah's blog

Wednesday 8 August 2012


  1. August BlogThinking about your story keeps you awake half the night…but if you have pen and notebook handy just write ideas down and leave them to grow on the page overnight.
  2. Get used to hearing voices whispering in your head as they take over your waking day…but if you are at a boring event they will keep you entertained.
  3. You must overcome the fear of the blank page…but you can write anything behind closed doors and only show it when you feel ready.
  4. Writing is addictive compulsive behaviour with withdrawal symptoms …but there are far worse addictions to have.
  5. Completing a novel takes stamina and long walks to chew over ideas…but all this exercise and worry works wonders for the waistline.
  6. Remember the old quote “ Like the oldest profession...First you write because you like it, then for friends and then you do it for money…” You can make a modest living from your craft if you are lucky.
  7. Leah Fleming BlogPrepare to lose yourself in a make believe world only you can see… but making readers believe in it too gives a great buzz.
  8. You finish on a high and then slump into despair that it’s the worst thing you’ve ever done…but the cure is to start dreaming about the next novel. The next one might be the winner.
  9. Time has no meaning in the creative zone so dust and muddle abound around you…but who needs a sparkling house unless you have serious allergies?
  10. How dare we pitch ourselves onto shelves of Dickens, Kafka, Lessing et al…but why shouldn’t we add our unique view point, tell our stories to the world?

…composed at 4 00am.