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Saturday 2 July 2016

10 things I want my readers to know about me

See the new article on Female First to find out 10 Things I want my readers to know about me .... Read more

Leah Fleming Meets Leah Fleming

Leah Fleming Meets Leah FlemingGoogle Curiosity Leads GPB Macon Host Leah Fleming To Meet Leah Fleming. The host of GPB news, based in Atlanta - USA, googled her name and up popped Leah Fleming the author. Listen to the interview online now.



daily express article - gaiety girls go to war

Lena AshwellThe tradition of glamorous singers going to battle zones to entertain the troops began during the First World War and continues to this day. Read the article in the Daily Express.







launch of the postcard

The Postcard Launch with Freda Lightfoot and Francis BrodyThe successful launch of Leah's new book The Postcard took place on 24 July at The Grove Bookshop in Ilkley. Leah was joined by two author friends, Freda Lightfoot (left) and Francis Brody (right).

The Postcard Launch