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writing tips

I hope that my writing tips will give you pause for thought, help develop your writing or even provide a hint of inspiration. Come back soon to see the next tip.

10 point checklist for a better chapter

What is the focus and purpose of this scene?

Does the action flow towards it or go off at a tangent?

Where are the emotional big moments? Do they build to a climax?

Did I milk them or rush on to the next thing?

How is the scene dressed…with sound, scent, touch, taste.

Are there purple passages of fancy prose or too much padding that slows down the action?

Do I tell the reader the scene but not show it happening before them (regular mistake for me)?

What do we see of the main character in action that is important to the narrative?

Check for repetition of words and phrases and accuracy of detail.

Does it end with a hook into the next chapter so you want to turn the page?

So good luck with your writing journey.



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