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writing tips

I hope that my tips will give you pause for thought, help develop your writing or even provide a hint of inspiration. Come back soon to see the next tip.


Blank pageSo you’ve got the idea, done the research, played around with scenarios and now it’s time to begin in earnest. Wow, it’s scary just thinking about it but a blank page is where your journey starts. Like the Chinese proverb says, a novel of a 100,000 words starts with just the first sentence, any sentence will do… If you wait for the great page stopper that will get you onto the Bestseller’s list, believe me you’ll never start.

William Golding once said that he liked to grab his readers by the scruff of the neck and rub their noses in his page. Most authors would agree but we lesser mortals just have to start where we can. Try writing a scene that fires you up. It may be half way into the book or at the end. It’s a start.


Start where you can perhaps after something important has or is about to happen. Let rip on this scene and see where it leads.

Our fear of the blank page is what keeps us dithering and doing any thing but write. This is where routine and discipline come into it. Turning up at the empty page is an act of trust and courage. Face the fear and do it anyway.

Some writers make a plan and stick to it. Others, like me sort of know where they may be going but are prepared to take detours along the way or find that what they thought was the end is in fact the beginning. Others just set off.


“Once upon a time” is the age- old way of telling a story so talk to yourself and tell yourself how it all began. Write yourself a letter  as if to a friend to get the juices flowing and the action moving. Trust your instincts.

Better to start and scrap later when your characters have done things you never planned than just keep going over and over the first paragraphs until you despair.

Look how other novelists start and learn from them but for goodness sake don’t lift their work from the page!

Not one of my novels has ever had the original beginning I first scribbled down in high enthusiasm. They have been edited and re vamped and shoved around all over the place and it no longer worries me.


Just show up full of love for your characters and passion for their story and the rest will follow. Let me know how you are getting on and good luck with your writing…


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